Hala Jawad “Quality Patient Care – a Pharmacists view”


We’re delighted to welcome our guest blogger – Hala Jawad, a community pharmacist. 

Hello my name is Hala Jawad,  I’m a community pharmacist and a moderator for the RPS Public Health network .

Based in the South east of England, I have a particular special interest in patient-centred communications and with this in mind, have attended numerous training courses relating to the promotion of this topic.

I am very interested in the public health topics so this means I am keen to improve the health of the whole population as well as that of the individual.

I’m delighted to get invited to the World Health Innovation Summit – “TOGETHER, WE INSPIRE”  in Cumbria ,  on the 11th & 12 March 2016 where  patients,  clinicians, managers, voluntary sector,pharmacists,doctors and businesses have the chance to come together to improve quality patient care as a community. In addition we can achieve a person-centred approach, medicines optimisation, adherence and shared decision-making policies.

“According to the World Health Organization ,there are five interacting dimensions of adherence :

Social/economic factors,

Patient-related factors ,

Therapy-related factors,

Condition-related factors,

Health system and healthcare team factor”


It’s noteworthy opportunity to meet and communicate with the lovely team from Cumbria which is the most north-western county in England, bordering onto Scotland. Attending will be :-

Gareth Presch

(the Founder #worldhealthinnovationsummit Cumbria @HIC2016 )

Dr Hannan is the chair

Dr Alan Smith – is the clinical director

Olive O’Connor is the patient lead

Farouq Din – Tech & Informatiomn

Dr Amin – Primary Care engagement

Working with a wider team we plan to support  Elderly people, children, those with a disability, vulnerability or complex need, thus playing a vital role to ensure the patients get the best from their medication. We will use the best available evidence to provide the optimum health outcomes for people .

Best wishes

Hala Jawad

The opinions expressed are the guests own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit. 

Twitter @HIC2016

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