10th & 11th March 2016

Local, National & International speakers

Bringing innovation and inspiration to health and social care

Opportunity Knocks! Patients, clinicians managers,voluntary sector, education and businesses have the opportunity to inspire positive innovation to help improve health and social care care as a community. World Health Innovation Summit 2016; the first of which will be held in Carlisle, Cumbria. Our 2nd event will be Women’s Health in Africa.

The World Health Innovation Summit aims to bring people together to share knowledge and life experiences so the community can benefit, in the areas of disability, children, adolescents and beyond. How we use I.T and social media will become important support tools, and we hope this is an area that can also be developed at the conference. If we are successful we will not only change things for today, but for tomorrow and generations to come.

With registration now full for our 1st event we plan to run similar activities in the coming months.

The support has been incredible and it is a credit to everyone who has shown an interest in WHIS – this gives us hope as it shows people pulling together, using their own time and resources for the common good. We will bring together a group of people determined to inspire. This is something we’re passionate about – we know, together, we can do this and we can deliver.

Our Summits and activities will create an environment that encourages questions that find solutions to inspire. We have local, national and international speakers who have valuable life experiences that have helped them inspire throughout their career willing to come and share their knowledge with our audience, and we hope they too can learn from those attending.  We are patient led and patient focused – the patients’ experience of healthcare is of vital importance to help us inspire, learn and improve.

The innovative ideas discussed at the World Health Innovation Summit will be  consolidated in order to share the information with our community and beyond.

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For partnerships please contact our Partnerships Mrs Krista Whelpdale on

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