The Stranger in the Street

The Stranger in the Street

I had an interesting experience yesterday afternoon – I was stopped by a gentleman in the street and he asked me to buy a joke magazine as he said I appeared to be a man with money! (He clearly hasn’t seen my bank account) I asked how much it was & what was the magazine for. He said it was £3 and he explained he was unemployed and that the laughter book sales help provide him with funds to survive. I willingly gave him £3 and we then got into conversation and soon realised that we both shared the same passion for sports and fitness. The conversation was great, we shook hands at least 4 times throughout as if we had known each other for years, and we agreed we would meet up again and discuss how we can help him return to work.

The real outcome for me is that I’ve realised we can help society in many different ways and that a simple conversation and exchange of words can result in a positive outcome for us all.

We can inspire each other – the energy is inside us waiting to be unlocked. The key is in our ability to share openly with each other. Innovation and opportunity will flow and as a society we will flourish.

Gareth Presch

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