Ice Cold Chef – John Joyce


My Charity Cook Book called #cookerysos is now on pre-order and due for release in August 2015. I have the #icecoldchef website now under construction and I am looking for Sponsor to join my Simple Fresh Food ethos. Here is a quick catch up on how me and Mrs J got here:

I will start from the beginning. 8 years ago my wife Bev (Mrs J) on social media, was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive MS. From that day our lives were changed, I became known as a “Carer”. I don’t like the word Carer and never will, the word sounds so negative.

After the acceptance of our new situation which took numerous months, we started to rebuild our lives and duties at home. This started as I asked Bev to teach me to cook, I never had to do it before but now needed to learn and fast.

As you can imagine, there were countless days of me still not grasping the basics but thankfully Bev kept supporting me, along with the professional Twitter Chef’s. Soon I was cooking on my own and the #icecoldchef was born.

That’s when my idea for my Charity cook book was started; all my meals are Simple and fresh. They have to be, we all live busy lives and need something quick and cost effective.

These words are from my Mrs J show’s what we have done through hard work. At first, I could still work. My walking became a bit unsteady, but not enough that I felt I couldn’t manage. However, my progression was quick and within a year I was medically retired at 46.

watermarked-1-ME & BEV PRESS PHOTO

This affected our lives personally and changed our roles at home. I could no longer drive, go out on my own, or cook, one of my greatest pleasures.

This became a period of adjustment for us both. Learning new things for Mr J – and acceptance of the situation for me. Mostly coming to terms with the fact life wasn’t over, just very different. I had to learn to focus now on what I could do, and not dwell on the past and what I could no longer do. It wasn’t easy, and it has taken determination and time to reach the point we are at today.

We have changed all aspects of our life to make things as easy and stress free as they can be. I still have my hair done, but I have a lady who comes to me. I do the shopping, food and everything else via my iPad and it is all delivered.

We have started to raise funds for local and national charities, and I think this has contributed to our moving forward. We are lucky we have each other, but we are aware a lot of people are in different situation.

Last year saw the Ice Cold Chef appear at various Food Festivals and Cooking Live in front of numerous people. This led me to a great local charity, Fylde Coast Carers Centre. They are a small team with big hearts and reach out to 13k approx.

My #cookerysos lessons are now helping young and mature carer’s to cook from fresh simply and already have had an impact locally. The lessons offer a hands on approach to cooking and all undertaken to the backdrop of music.

Now I want a Sponsor to join the #icecoldchef website and help push the #cookerysos ethos forward. There are numerous of people who are struggling to cook from fresh, foodbanks are on the rise too. My Simple way of cooking can help so many to get a fresh meal served to the family.

Simply put: #freshisbes


*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.

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