Guest blog – Mohammed Zafran All 4 Youth & Community

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My name is Mohammed Zafran (known as Zaf to many). I work as a Community Liaison Officer at South and City College Birmingham. I am the Founder of a company called All 4 Youth & Community CIC, which gives Youths the opportunity to get back in education via sporting programmes. As popularly broadcasted all over Birmingham, my inspiration to set this up was the tragic death of my brother in law (24), who was brutally murdered in a local park and the death of my Blind Sister in 2009, which is another reason why I help all charity organisations. I started walking in the middle of the nights and engaging with gangs who were involved with crime and drugs. At first I got spat at but once they knew I was here for the long run, then they eventually gave in. Since then with the help of South and City College Principle Mike Hopkins, I managed to set up my own company with the guidance from Digbeth Trust and Community First (CDF) which offers help,support and a new beginning to people who want to start a new venture. From the street,gangs,alley way,parks, these youths have been given a new source to get their life back on track and that through showing them love and affection. 5 years later, All 4 Youth & Community now has over 13,500 youths registered on their books, and helped 1500 youths back in education and got over 1200 youths in employment. We have completed 100 projects and all that without any external funding. The only help me and my team are getting for our projects at the moment are from Mike Hopkins. Couple of years ago, I set up my womens academy which enables young muslim women to continue in further education once they finish secondary school after a lot of young women were being forced into arrange marriages. Currently I have over 4,000 women signed up in my academy. My work was  recognised when I got the Birmingham Sports Community Award 2013 in September and got the BBC West Midlands Sports Community Project Of The Year 2013 in December. I won the Guardgroup Nationwide Award 2014 for helping all the youths in the West Midlands. I won the National Diversity Award for the Positive Rolemodel Of The Year 2014 and got a letter from the Prime Minister David Cameron who said his proud of all the work I have done. I won the Pride Of Birmingham Award 2014 in September and the National Diversity Award, both on the same night. I was named as the top jci 10 most outstanding young person in the UK 2015 and in the 100 independent happy list. I was on the Queen’s Honours List in June 2015 and got a British Empire Medal.

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I won the Bobby Moore Trophy on the 2nd August 2015 in Wembley Stadium by the FA.

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I have been shortlisted for the European Diversity Awards 2015, Asian Proffessional Awards and the JCI Global Award 2015 which will be held in Japan. I have appeared on BBC West Midlands News, Unity FM, Radio WM Breakfast Show,BBC Midlands Masala, and Heart FM to talk about my Community Projects. I appeared on Sky Sports- Women in sport programme which highlighted my project with the Muslim women who i managed to get involved in sport and education after helding talks with their parents regards to all the negativity surrounding young muslim girls who were being forced to quit education once reaching the age of 15. My biggest satisfaction comes when I see the youths progress in life who I have been working with. My long term aim is to keep on helping the youths getting them back in education and helping other community groups grow who need assistance. I feel I have set something up which will live on way after me as we needed more young people to help others in the community because nobody has the time. I felt frustrated looking at the youths and what route they were taking. There is still a lot of work to be done but thankfully more people are coming forward to help with this cause and together we can all make a difference, I am certain of that. If I could help even one youth to change himself for the better then all this was worth it and even after me, the legacy shall continue… The best quality in me if I was to pick one would be that I always try to keep a smile on my face as it is the best form of charity which one can offer to another person. The best compliment for me is when people appreciate you for you and for what you do. That means a lot to me. My way of thinking is if you save one life you save all of humanity!!

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Zaf has been nominated as one of the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World and you can vote for Zaf here

*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.


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