Guest blog – John Joyce #charitycookbook


Well it’s all very exciting for both of us at the moment, my Charity Cook Book #cookerysos is now in the final stage of editing. It’s been a long road that we started around 8 yrs ago, due to my MrsJ being diagnosed with MS.

Last year I won the Adult Carers Award in Blackpool, this has led me to holding #Cookerysos cooking sessions with young and old carers. So many carers are struggling to get a fresh meal ready for themselves and their loved ones.

My work with the Blackpool Carers Trust is very rewarding and on Saturday 29th August 2015 the #IceColdTeam are holding a Charity Evening with fresh food and raffles.

The monies raised will go to the Cash Quest For Carer Challenge, the aim is to turn £50 into as much money as possible ethically.

I have numerous prizes on offer through the evening, the top prize is a place on Chef Jon Fell’s seafood class in Cumbria. Another great supporter of the Ice Cold Chef has donated a couple of designer kitchen aprons.

I would love to be able to raffle off a Chef’s Knife on the night and I am hoping someone could possibly see their way to donating one for me? You will be joining a growing Team of people who support what we do as the #IceColdTeam. If you can help me please do, I have over 60 people who have now confirmed they are coming to my event.

Our lives have been totally transformed by the work we do for Charity and helping others, oh and don’t forget I also work full time in a Management role.


We have also entered the Ice Cold Chef into the National Carers Trust Event, “Best Brekkie”.  As you can see, we might have MS in our lives but it doesn’t stop us helping others to move forward.

Thanks for all your help Gareth


You can purchase #cookerysos here

*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.


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