World Health Innovation Summit – 1 Billion Africa


Turing Problems in Africa into Projects

1Billion Africa is the amazing problem solving movement that is mobilizing the “1billion” Africans, to help turn the “1 billion” problems in Africa into 1Billion Projects and Opportunities, to transform individuals and communities in Africa, and to spark up transformation on the continent. Since inception 1BA has impacted 1000’s of youth and children in communities across Africa.

1BA’s mission is to alleviate poverty and uplift communities in Africa by identifying problems and turning them into projects, to empower and to create opportunities for deprived Africans.

The motto of 1Billion Africa is turning problems into projects. 1BA seeks to lead a shift from the level ofAfricans only talking about problems in Africa to the level of creating the innovative solutions. 1BA’s Operating Model – the PAS Model, focuses on PROJECTS, ADVOCACY & SUPPORT services by generally;

 Embarking on Projects in communities in Africa

 Advocacy for youth participation in community Problem Solving and

 Provision of Support services for young Africans solving problems in their communities

1BA’s projects are in the areas of Leadership development, Education, Agriculture, Technology, Health and Environment – the 1BA L.E.A.T.H.E Projects. The movement is currently operating in 9 other African countries, led by 1BA Country Ambassadors, and is projected to be in all 54 African countries by 2024, transforming communities, changing mindsets and making Africa a better place.

1BA’s philosophy is that once the “1Billion” Africans develop the Victors mentality instead of the Victim’s, Africa’s transformation is within reach. To join/support, visit You can send a mail to, Or Contact/WhatsApp: +233245762288, +233547118941 or


1BA is calling upon the “1Billion” Africans and lovers of Africa all over the world to join this problem solving movement. Let’s roll up sleeves and get the “1billion” problems solved.

*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.

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