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This article seeks to demonstrate the amazing healing power of self-care, and the ability that individualshave to adequately and effectively track and manage key vital signs in the comfort of one’s own home.

The information you are about to read is part of a real case study and the names given below will bealtered so as to preserve the anonymity of the individuals involved. The aim of this discourse is to encourage and motivate individuals who are facing whatever health woes, that they are able to benefit from preventative health care and self-care in the comfort of their own home, and positively influencethe outcome of their situation.

At the start of the day, Mrs. Stanford, a middle-aged woman living in Cumbria, ( a beautiful part of UK )wasn’t feeling well. Subsequent to forcing herself to carry out her general morning routine, the ill feeling became so overwhelming that she had to halt all that she was doing to recollect herself and consider what her next move was going to be. After approximately five minutes of sitting, and gaining some refreshment from her long-time caregiver,unnamed

Mrs. Stanford decided to take her blood pressure readings. To no surprise of hers, the reading was extremely low, and a clear sign of hypotension. After recalling the dangers of hypotension, which were previously explained by her healthcare practicioner, Mrs.Stanford became concerned about her health and called her doctor. After clearly explaining the way she was feeling and of course, sharing her most recent blood pressure readings, her doctor became apprehensive and requested that she made an appointment right away.

However, Mrs. Stanford was quite uneasy about her health and also the fact that for every health problem she faced, she was forced into a hospital or clinic before receiving any form of enlightened of the situation by phone or mail, or being prepared in advanced for such happenings and given precautionary measures to abide by. This frustrated her, and catapulted her into solving her problem without visiting the doctor. For the next three days. Mrs. Stanford tracked and monitored her blood pressure readings from home and researched measures to take in the event of such occurrences. To her delight, the constant monitoring and additional research into her condition had paid off.


This article in no way serves to dissuade individuals from attending the doctors. However, it is imperative that as residents of our own bodies, we become aware of general processes, problems and resolutions that may be had in such regard. The effectiveness of self-monitoring by use of modern equipment and technology has produced profound results and even decreased the funds spent by having multiple hospital visits and General Practitioner interventions.

Be encouraged to make self-care and personal intervention a core priority in your daily life. It is not something that will magically manifest itself overnight, but rest assured, that with perseverance, trial and error, you will realise the strength and power of practicing self-care. Preventive care is a model and an approach to be seriously considered in the 21st century, where health budgets are extremely limited , resources are very overwhelmed with the grown demand of the patients needs and the threat that our National Health Service ( NHS ) and other health services will not cope as a result in the very near future.

There is definitely a need for a social revolution with regards to healthcare, an innovation that comes from you – your social innovation. A movement that helps you helping yourself…..

We believe in SelfCare, The SelfCare People is a health intelligence company that helps people detect and monitor medical issues by measuring and tracking vital signs in real time from home or elsewhere. We have started a SelfCare Movement – Join us at  We are offering to the first 300 people only a FREE – one Year subscription on our SelfCare Platform.

Share with your friends, family , colleagues and your Doctor.

Author : Joao Bocas – Chief Wellness Officer at The SelfCare People

*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.

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