Rehan Allawala laptop giveaway 

Why The Competition:I am from Pakistan, and most young people from Pakistan, whom I work with, can not travel around the world, and I believe that travel, and good friends, help you in many, many ways.I have spent a great number of years in gathering wonderful friends who are positive, who are learned, and who anyone and everyone can learn so much from. These 5000 friends can be beneficial for anyone and everyone to become more like me, as I am who I am because of these people around me, as they help me become like them, learn from them, and grow from their experiences.I love to hangout with amazing people, so I want to have 500 people who are friends with my 500 amazing friends, so that my mission to end poverty from the world becomes easier to achieve.

So, if you take my 500 friends from my friend list, you will end up learning:1. How to make new friends.

2. How to communicate with a stranger and convert them to a friend.

3. A few different language’s words.

4. How people think in other parts of the world.

5. How to think out of the box.

6. What things are not available in your country yet, thus bringing you opportunity to bring them to your country.

7. Great teachers.

8. Great students.

9. My friends will learn more about Pakistan and other countries.

10. My friends will learn more about Islam.

11. If you have 500 of my friends as yours, and have talked to them for 1 hr each, I am sure, your income and/or your character and/or your life will improve 500% for sure.

Rules to Follow for Participating in These Competitions

1. Using Rehan Allahwala’s name and that you are adding people to win a laptop as a reference will disqualify you.

Read this book to understand how to easily make friends via facebook.

3. Competition participants are required to add original photo of themselves on profile photo, and it should clearly show your face.

4. The competition requires you to make at least 500 mutual friends with Rehan Allahwala, who are not from your country.

5. You have to talk to each of the friend you have made for at least 30 mins.

6. When writing and asking people to friendship you must use high ethical and moral values in your writing which promotes peace and friendship.

7. Post about 1 of your friends per day, for 30 days. The post should have their photo, and 5 lines about what you have learned from them by talking to them.

8. Make a blog on and post about each of your friends, and what you learned from them.

9. Make 2 videos with your face on it, explaining what you learned from 5 of the best of your new friends, one in english and one in your local language.Once you have done all this, send the link of the following:

1. blog2. Video3. 5 post’s that got most like’s when you posted about your friendto and

They will check it, and show you any problems there are to these.HELP:You can read the book on how to make friends and influence people a guide on making friends on FacebookYou can also message the people below who have already made 500 mutual friends, and can guide you more on how to do it. Babar Rind – Mohammad LayeequeFinal Step:Once you have done all these, you can inbox to Rehan Allahwala with the blog list and your video to see who wins.Rules To Follow For Participating In These CompetitionsThere will only be 1 person per month who will win per qualifying country, and the final decision is taken by Rehan Allahwala on WHO wins the laptop. It is totally up-to his personal discretion who wins.The most important things that will get you to win are:

A. Your attitudeB. Your post quality C. Your learnings from these people D. Most friends you made from the list Countries Where The Competition Is Going On:

1. Pakistan – Entire Pakistan2. Pakistan – Baluchistan3. Pakistan – Jamia Binoria4. Pakistan – Jamia Rasheedia5. Palestine6. Albania7. Israel8. Iraq9. Afghanistan10. India11. Iran 12. United States13. Australia14. United Kingdom15. Germany16. Hungary17. Poland18. Yemen19. Egypt20. Syria

If you want to start this competition in your country, and you can have 1000 people particpate in the competetion, write to Rehan Allahwala via with your plan on how you will do it. Please note that the laptop we send Dell 610 or Equaling in Configuration.The competition is supported by Rehan Allahwala’s own salary, and not given by anyone else at this time.We do encourage other organizations and individuals to do similar competitions to increase peace and understanding among people.

This is not a world health innovation summit competition.

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If you would like to contribute our blogs please contact:

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