Guest Blog – Claire Fuller “Providing support to overcome stress”


My mission in life is to help as many people as possible, to overcome any stress they may be feeling, by sharing personal development techniques that work, as easily and affordably as possible. I have always been a naturally caring person, having started out as a nurse in 1981. However due to 3 illnesses in quick succession I had to leave before I completed my training. I was devastated. However I am so pleased that I eventually found a new way to help others…

I have been helping and supporting hundreds of people since 2003… and in 2009 I created a way of sharing my work much more widely. This has been growing over recent years and now I am able to help you wherever you are in the world and whatever your circumstances. If you would like to overcome your stress and improve your productivity and wellbeing I can help you to do this.

In 12 weekly steps you can overcome your stress and replace it gradually with strength; learning in this way means that the strategies will last for you in the long-

 learn how to replace stress with calm

 increase your self-confidence

 discover what you’re really good at

 learn how to be assertive and be comfortable doing so

 find out just where happiness is and how to be happy

 increase your self-belief to become stronger in difficult situations

 start to increase your luck

 improve your time management

 become more motivated

 value yourself more highly

 start to improve your memory

 be able to create more balance in your life

“An opportunity to reflect….. without feeling guilty.”

“It is an opportunity to reflect in a structured way and in a safe environment, without feeling guilty. It gives me time to think and is improving my personal development.”

Stressed, caring, busy people have all thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from this. Too often we don’t spend much time thinking about our lives, about how we do things, least of all about how we think. This programme is all about YOU.


When I was at school we were not taught any of the things that this programme covers and as soon as I learnt all about the power of our minds I was determined to share this as far as possible.

“Claire is a wonderful coach, advisor and confidant. Her sheer dedication to my personal development and positive energy are her strongest assets as a coach. She has helped me develop my mental game, overcome lapses in confidence and plan towards a bright and exciting future. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Worth her weight in gold.”

A client recently progressed from ‘highly stressed’ and ‘low mood’ a month ago, to saying she is ‘in a very happy place’ and this is only half way through the programme!

The link to this programme is here . I have also created a free, Feel Real app which will be available to download later this month. I will let you know the links as soon as it is ready .

Put simply, I’m focused on helping all those who want to improve, learn and develop themselves so that they enjoy life much more and I am prepared to do all that it takes to achieve this.

*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.
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