Guest blog – Soni Cox My Way Code


My Way Code is a new mental health app for children, young people and adults to help provide an environment for them to build emotional resilience, autonomy, personal responsibility and sense of individual identity. Currently in development the app is based on and uses metaphors from a part of life we are very familiar with; travelling and road signs. Using animation, interactive game play, podcasts, videos, articles, I want it to take a witty, fun, insightful look at our lives and inform so people can feel confident to make their own positive choices and not those borne out of anxiety, fear or oppression. It fundamentally celebrates and builds on people’s existing resources rather than pointing out what they don’t have yet.

Our devices have become a huge part of our daily lives and my wish is that My Way Code instead of just being an entertaining escape to “tune out”, it is an app that helps us “tune in” to ourselves; to who we really are, what we have to give to the world and gives confidence to be present in our lives.

It will take us on journeys through the different areas of live we want to look at; health, relationships, education, work life, self harms, self cares ….. the list goes on.

Using metaphors, My Way Code will also provide a shorthand language to flag up a warning sign or a need for a diversion so needs can be stated but without having to find explanations when psychologically triggered. We can build esteem in the mastery of managing and coping rather than focussing on the cause.

In developing an awareness of self we can offer more empathy and understanding to those around us. We identify support circles for ourselves and how we take part as support for others. For communities, teams and businesses it gives a level playing field to develop skills in understanding our own and others’ needs, dynamics and communication, and our roles in different settings.

Individuals and businesses will be able to buy licences for the main journey on a Buy One Give One Free basis, enabling buyers to create social value and to act in with social responsibility. My Way Code CIC is set up as an asset locked Social Enterprise, limited by guarantee so all profits will be used for development, innovation and increasing access to the programme.


We have received funding for a Community Development Project from October to March so that we can ensure, right from the beginning that we are building people-driven resources that work in the real world and not just innovation for its own sake. If it’s not working we’ll be doing it differently.

Our ultimate aim is to build a positive, pay it forward online community that inspires real-life connections across the globe.

We are so grateful to Gareth Presch and the whole WHIS team for supporting our official launch in its home town at the Carlisle Summit in March 2016.

Currently in development, if you would like to help feedback and test some of the ideas behind the app as part of our Community Development Project please email:

To find out more info about the team developing the App please visit: Twitter: Instagram:

*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.
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