Thank you to Rebecca Horan McNeils and the team at RTE – Gareth Presch

‘Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth, Because I’m happy, Clap along if you know what happiness is to you, Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do………’ quite apt really, I just tuned into Walk In My Shoes Radio after being out for the day and Pharrell was blaring out of my laptop. Many of us are happy, many of us have our ups and downs, many of us aren’t dealt the best cards in life, many of us aren’t happy, many of us have more downs than ups, many of us aren’t coping at all, be it temporary or permanent we will all feel overwhelmed with life at a certain point, I love this song, it is a happy song, I am fortunate to feel happy but I know this isn’t something everyone is experiencing right now.

We all know somebody with mental health problems and it is hugely difficult.

It is made a little easier at facilities like St Patrick’s Hospital.

STATISTICS; The state of our mental health; 1 in 4 young people suffer from a mental illness. (World Health Organisation)
75% of all mental health difficulties begin before 24 years of age.
Suicide is the number one cause of death among 18-25 year old men in Ireland.
Ireland has one of the highest suicide rates in the 14-24 age group in the EU

This video is wonderful and gives us a little insight into The Black Dog 

So let me fill you in on what WIMSFM is, check out the website Walk In My Shoes

WHAT; Ireland’s only all digital Pop-up radio station aiming to raise €10,000 to help young Irish people with their mental health.

TAGLINE; ‘A small step, a huge difference’ for Mental Health Awareness Week.

HOW; The overall aim of Walk in My Shoes Radio is to encourage listeners to become involved in the conversation around mental health. The message is that taking action early by seeking support and professional advice to deal with mental health issues is vital.

THE LINEUP; MON TO FRI  7-9am Aidan Power and Andrew Stanley 9-11am Shay Byrne 11am-1pm Richard Mulcahy and Laura Canavan Hayes 1pm-3pm Colm Hayes 3pm-5pm Ruth Scott

5pm-7pm Presenters across the week include: Rebecca and Corina, Sile Seoige, Pamela Flood and Nikki Hayes

7pm-9pm Presenters across the week include: Louise Heraghty, Sinead Lynch and Bressie, Alison Canavan

OUR SHOW; Corina and I were so delighted and honoured, as cliched as that sounds, to be asked back to do WIMSFM. It is a very special experience that we do not take for granted, This year the line-up is exceptional.

Our guests made the show, we had Simon Tierney , Simon and I met in Newstalk and he is an absolute gentleman and does brilliant work for The Tom Dunne Show. Simon spoke to us about his past battle with OCD and how it manifests itself and his documentary with RTE called ‘OCD and ME’ and Grow A Tree For OCD and also his wonderful Podcast series with Newstalk ‘Mental Wealth’

Aileen Moon – The Goddess Club , The beautiful Aileen spoke to us about her courses that aim to empower women promoting positive body image, boost self-esteem and equip women with mindfulness techniques. We had lots of fun with Aileen and her feather boa.

Jo Archbold the face of Irish fashion at the moment. The stunning Jo spoke to us about her path into modelling, the pressures, the way she deals with any negativity and her advice to young Irish women. Jo has her heard screwed firmly on and her star is on the ascent.

Colman Noctor Colman is a Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist. He has worked across a range of Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services both in Ireland and abroad and he has a wealth of national and international clinical experience. His book Cop On ‘What it is and why your child needs it to thrive and survive in today’s world’ is fantastic and a must-read. We touched on cyber-bullying with Colman and the gadget/social media addiction and how to protect our children online.

Colette Kearns, Colette is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist  She is also the Head of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Department at St Pats. She has 25 years experience working within mental health care. The gorgeous Colette was a breath of fresh air, she spoke to us about body dysmorphia, accepting ourselves, finding inner peace, not comparing ourselves and self esteem issues.

A big shoutout to the incredible Sarah Surgenor and Tamara Downey, our Producer Louise Kerr Ross,  Donal Greene, Brian Greene, our researchers Ciaran Patrick and Danny Hickey and the rest of the team at St Pats. We couldn’t do it without their assistance.

We’ll post our show when it’s on Soundcloud. Listen throughout the week in Dublin on 94.3 or online outside Dublin.

Twitter @walkinmyshoes using the hashtag #WIMSFM

Text “Shoes” to 57802 to donate €2. A minimum of €1.38 will go to the charity.

Walk A Mile In My Shoes And You Will Know………………..

And a shoutout to Corina, who I love working with and who is a wonderful friend through all the ups and downs.


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