“Back to the Future” – Gareth Presch


It’s quite appropriate that this week it’s all about the classic movie Back to the Future! Marty and the Doc travelled back to the future 30 years ago this week and got quite a lot right about how we would be living today – expect for the flying cars, of course!

So now it’s time for us to look to the future and see how we can work together for our future and the next generation. Collaboration within the community will be the key driver. It’s no secret that when we work together we achieve more. It’s really just about who decides to join the journey early who’ll get ahead. Those that do will see the benefits and those who are hesitant to share and collaborate will have to catch up when they decide to join in. We’ve reached a junction. People now value what we can do for eachother. It’s very much the ethos of the World Health Innovation Summit that we support local, national and international communities so we all can benefit as a society.



It’s a vison that has been embraced by the Carlisle Ambassadors and we’ve seen how successful the Give a Day to the City project has been in Carlisle and Cumbria. It’s a city and region on the crest of wave which is being driven by the enthusiasm and energy of the local communities. This model is successful and it won’t be long before other cities and communities replicate what’s happening in Cumbria.


This ethos of values and community is the future. Businesses that align themselves with community activities will thrive, as it helps comsumers decide who they will support. As a consumer I know who I’d buy from – the business who is aligned with the community. It’s a no brainer really.

The same will apply when it comes to healthcare. Those who look beyond their own boundaries and develop new innovative relationships will flourish and deliver new efficient ways of working, while those who don’t will suffer not only financially but reputationally.

This all comes down to the opportunity we have now as a society to work together so we all benefit. It’s quite simple for us as a community – we can look back to the future in 30 years and say this is what we’ve achieved together or we can look back and realise what opportunities we’ve missed. We all work better together, we have the technology and the human capital to deliver for us all.

“Together, We Inspire”

*The opinions expressed are the blogger’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.

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