Trying to remember…

#Dementia awareness –

The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts

Dementia is brain damage. Sometimes it can be benign forgetfulness, sometimes it can be a monster that creates aggression, fear and loathing.

What if your grandmother stays sweet and loving, just more muddled until she can no longer distinguish you from the postman? What if your mother recognises you but treats every action with vitriol?

Dementia can be the inability to remember if you paid a bill, if you took money out from a cash point, if you locked your door, if you actually know someone who appears as a stranger. Information a brain would normally retain and process is lost. What is your name? Where are my keys? Would you like lunch? What is your name?

Many dementia sufferers continue to be mobile adults, impaired only by their memory. This brings with it an unexpected vulnerability.

How would you separate fiction from reality?

In the Guardian recently Dasha Kiper…

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