The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine – World Health Innovation Summit, Cumbria

Many thanks to the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine for publishing details of our upcoming Cumbrian summit. We look forward to welcoming colleagues from the Academy to the summit – Gareth Presch



“Together, We Inspire”

Carlisle, Cumbria

10th & 11th March 2016

200 delegates

20 national & international speakers

Bringing innovation and inspiration to health & social care

Opportunity Knocks! It’s time to inspire innovation in health and social care around the world. Patients, clinicians, managers, voluntary sector, education, technology and businesses have the opportunity to work together to make a positive impact on our communities. Healthcare always has room for improvement – innovation will be a key part of the future of healthcare, and this summit provides that platform. We must all work together to improve health and social care. Funds and resources in healthcare are tight, and it was this knowledge that led to the concept of the World Health Innovation Summit 2016; the first of which will be held in Carlisle, Cumbria.

The idea came from Gareth Presch a native of Dublin and former Chief Officer of the National Haemophilia Council. Living now in Cumbria he decided one evening to send out an exploratory tweet to see if there would be interest in the idea of

colleagues coming to Carlisle to share and generate ideas that would lead to innovation to improve health and social care. Needless to say the idea took off and soon went from a one day event to two days and now has grown to further summits and events scheduled for next year. It really does show us how social media can drive innovation.

The World Health Innovation Summit aims to bring people together to share knowledge and life experiences so the community can benefit, in the areas of disability, children, adolescents and beyond. How we use I.T and social media will become important support tools, and it is hoped this is an area that can also be developed at the summit. If successful, it will not only change things for today, but for tomorrow and generations to come.

The first summit is in Carlisle and registration is now full at 200 attendees. Everyone invited to the World Health Innovation Summit 2016 has an interest in improving quality patient care through innovation and working together – including patients, clinicians, managers, businesses and the public.

We’ve also recently held our first joint seminar with Anthony McCann (Hummingbird Culture Change) at the Imperial College London and plan to host similar events in Dublin, Belfast and the UK.

We have future summits planned next year on Women’s Health in Africa to take place in London in June 2016; and Leadership/Culture to take place in Austria in October 2016. There will also be a Q&A seminar on innovation in health and social care to be held with Cumbria University in November 2015, and tickets for these events will be available soon.

The support has been incredible and it is a credit to everyone who has shown an interest in these events – this gives us hope as it shows people pulling together, using their own time and resources for the common good. We will bring together a group of people determined to make positive changes. This is something we’re passionate about – we know, together, we can deliver.

The World Health Innovation Summit 2016 will offer an environment that encourages questions in order to make moves towards changing things for the greater good. Over twenty nationally and internationally recognised speakers from the UK (Roy Lilley, The Kings Funds), Ireland (Olive O’Connor, Brian O’Mahony) and as far afield as Austria will speak at the event. We have fantastic people who have invaluable life experiences that have delivered throughout their career willing to come and share their knowledge with others, and we hope they too can learn from those attending. Our uniqueness is in the fact we will be very patient led and patient focused – the patients’ experience of healthcare is of vital importance to help us learn and improve.

The innovative ideas discussed at the World Health Innovation Summit will be officially consolidated in order to share the information with health and social care around the world – so real changes and improvements can be made to how we deliver healthcare in our own community and beyond.

Our aspiration is that we can bring innovation to Cumbria and beyond to help improve health and social care.

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Gareth Presch


World Health Innovation Summit

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