YOUTH – Carlisle Youth Panel


The Youth Panel is a group of active and enthusiastic young people based in the Tullie House

Museum and Art Gallery. We meet regularly to help curate exhibitions, create alternative labels for

artefacts, and shape the youth programme.


As a group of 14 to 21 year olds we put our own spin on the museum, which is now the proud

winner of the Telegraph Family Friendly Museum Award 2015. As part of the museum’s inclusivity

for all ages, we play a part in making sure the exhibitions and museum space are designed to be

suitable for everyone. As well as designing, creating and running our own exhibitions, we have made

links with youth groups from other museums around the country to see how young people are

shaping museums everywhere!


THe Youth Panel are branching out to spread the value and meaning of culture to outside the

confines of a museum, into our local society. Carlisle is overflowing with culture, history and art, yet

the majority of residents and tourists miss out on the opportunity to experience it. Hundreds of

tourists come into Carlisle from the train station, but follow the same familiar route to the main

shops rather than reaching Carlisle’s Historical Quarter. Enter our most recent project- The Cultural

Crawl app and map. The handy pocket sized map will be stocked free in the train station for tourists

to pick up as they leave, and directs them to the spots on our Cultural Crawl.


The Citadel Station itself is the first point, the map then leading across the city towards The

Guildhall, The Cathedral, Tullie House and Carlisle Castle. These points are only the tip of the iceberg

for Carlisle’s history, and we hope in the future we’ll be able to expand the Crawl to cover as much

of the rich culture as we can!


As tourists and residents follow the map around the city, summaries are available inside the leaflet,

but it gets even better when you add a smartphone. By downloading the updated Tullie House app

(available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), we can give them a sneak peek into what

they would see at each attraction. Using the Augmented Reality function of the map, users can hold

their smartphone over the map and see THe Youth Panel talk about some of the highlights and

interesting facts from each. Also on the app, users can use sliding photos to compare old and new

Carlisle, as well as look at animated images.


Through the app and the group itself, we hope to open up Carlisle’s history to residents and tourists

alike, bringing together a community involving every age group!


Check out the app on Apple- and Google Play- and pick up

your map from Carlisle Citadel Station!



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