Why threatening cancer won’t stop people from eating red and processed meat


the star beyond

A poll completed by over 1000 students on The Student Room this week asked whether young people would continue to eat red or processed meat or change their habits. Over 60% said they would still eat red and processed meat compared to only 25% claiming that they would cut down. Staggeringly a third voted ‘I don’t care, everything gives you cancer these days’. The generation who have grown up with more food choices and more access to information than any other felt totally indifferent to the advice published by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

So why are people resisting changing their lifestyle or food habits and why hasn’t this global advisory had more impact? If we consider the psychology behind resistance and the emotions that power our food choices it’s clear that threat of cancer isn’t going to work.

The psychology of resistance

As human beings we oppose anything which attacks a…

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