COMMUNITY – Meraki People by Christiana Gardikioti

A few weeks ago I traveled to Greece to attend a conference on the Blue Economy. Dr Gunter Pauli spoke and it was orgainised by Christiana Gardikioti. It was an inspirational gathering full of innovative ideas and passion to deliver for our local communities. Below is an update and it shows how far Christiana and her team have come. I’m delighted to say that since our visit we have been working behind the scences to bring a World Health Innovation Summit to Greece and I can say this will happen next year and the area we will cover will be on Wellness. Martyn Blacklock (Wellness Coach) is supporting the planning and we’ll have further details announced in the coming months. – Gareth Presch, Founder, World Health Innovation Summit

A new collective prosperity society emerges in Mt Parnonas


I had a dream… to bring life back to my dad’s birthplace: Agiannis Kynourias in the Peloponnese. It seemed impossible yet I had a burning desire and a logical rational explanation. Houses worth more that 400.000 euros sit empty 11 months of the year. In an absolutely fantastic, serene, pure and rich in biodiversisty setting. Idle…doing nothing…wasted away. In a community of 1500 people 50 years ago today only 12 people honor the place and live there permantly. 6 of them more than 70 years old. Agiannis is located 750 metres above sea level 25 minutes from the Aegean Sea inside Parnonas Mountain. It is historical, significant and financially wealthy place for 3 centuries. What happened to it?

Life was hard up in the mountains without modern amendities and people sruggled for survival. Urbanization was the way to prosperity, immigrating to Canada, Australia and the Western world the answer to misery, working the land and cold very cold winters. So people left the old way of life. Went and prospered somewhere else … 35000 sheep and goats were roaming the Arcadian Mountains and now they are perished … the last 1500 left are tended by shepards that can not marry (which youn lady would want to go and live in a 19th century stable? alone? with no social life? no kids around? no friends? no future?) So these shepards most of them in their 40’s-50’s are just perishing alone… or they call foreign hired hands willing to put up with the calamity of heralding 350 animals that really is a dying industry. Yet they pocess unprecendented knowledge of all surrounding nature of unvaluable worth.

So simple thought: built a RURAL TEchnology HIGHWAY that will connect technology with Nature in order to  join the Silicon Valley with Mountain Parnonas. Bring people who want to work IN nature FOR nature, build a new community of collective prosperity, open, ethical and inclusive. After one entire year of working to build a virtual community I have 1000 people Public Facebook group “the Meraki people” Global Innitiative Group

Was it chance that the 1000th group member was my first REAL settler wanting to move to this community and WORK there…. ?  Maybe yes maybe not. I worked arduously, delligently and methodically to promote, support and enhance the idea. I deserve to see my vision being implemented and I am waiting to see another 299 people joining us from all over the world.

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