MATERNITY – You Could Make A Wish – Or You Could Make It Happen

You Could Make A Wish – Or You Could Make It Happen

These are the words with which Leigh Kendall ended her blog post in July entitled “#MatExp in Numbers and Pictures”. This was one of a number of posts the #MatExp team has put together to try to demonstrate the energy, action and impact of the campaign, since it was started just over a year ago by Kingston obstetrician Florence Wilcock. Along with her partner in crime, Gill Phillips of Nutshell Communications , Florence has sparked a grassroots campaign – a change platform – a movement. Hard to define and hard to describe #MatExp is something new – and it is making a difference.


As Florence explained back in June “It is hard to understand that this is an organic grassroots project with a direction and mind of its own. No one is ‘in charge’ and it is richer for it.” There have been #MatExp “WhoseShoes” workshops at various hospitals, all generating actions and positive outcomes. There have been hundreds of millions of Twitter impressions. There are over 1,000 members of the #MatExp Facebook group having the important conversations about maternity and trying to identify how people can actually ACT to bring about change, be those actions big or small.

In August Emma Sasaru drew together the #MatExp Heart Values which is the closest the movement has come to a mission statement. Emma’s blog details how maternity experience can be vastly improved when those involved consider the following:

 Choice

 Kindness

 Language

 Respect

 Dignity

 Compassion


We have had the #MatExp A-Z , #FlamingJune , #OxyOct

and now we’re jumping aboard for #MatExpOnTour . Each new initiative engages staff and families alike, encourages action,

encourages change and encourages people to “JFDI”. Why wait for permission when you can act to improve things today? Time to get on board because the #MatExp train is leaving the station……


Helen Calvert



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