MATERNITY – “Just mom”

Fitness, Faith & Animal Crackers

So over the past year I’ve learned so much more than I could ever put into words. But one huge lesson in becoming a mother was in the vast change of my identity. No one could have prepared me for this, but I wouldn’t have been mad if I read about it on one of my “what to expect” apps or books… I would imagine it would be entitled “…a huge kick in your former identity’s face”. So this is my attempt to let other mommas know something I went through and if she’s feeling similarly, you’re not alone.

Motherhood is the most INCREDIBLE job I have ever had. I get to see my beautiful child (miracle, really, is what all children should be called) learn, laugh, everything! I also get to be the one he takes out his teething pain on! I chose to stay home with him, my…

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