New deal for junior doctors: still #notfairnotsafe


Health activist Sophie W explains that the much trumpeted new offer to junior doctors still means a big pay cut and unsafe hours.

Photo of junior doctors protest 28 September 2015, London Photo: Steve Eason

Jeremy Hunt’s offer to junior doctors is spin, and doesn’t address the initial concerns about the fairness or safety of the contracts. The new offer includes:

  1. An 11 % pay rise on basic salary
  2. The offer of renegotiating Saturday afternoons and evenings as antisocial and
  3. Instating the Care Quality Commission to monitor Trusts rotor schedules, to prevent juniors form being over worked.

This move by Hunt makes no fundamental changes to the proposed contracts. It does not address the extension of normal working hours, nor reinstate penalties for Trusts if they over-work doctors. It still represents a substantial pay cut overall because of the loss of unsocial hours payments. A strike with this on the table has to be understood as striking against reduced…

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