MATERNITY – The 35th week

Diary of a new mum


How far along? 36 weeks yesterday

Total weight gain? don’t know

Maternity clothes? Some of the few dresses which still for actually aren’t maternity dresses I realised the other day! My work clothes are though.

Stretch marks? Yup, I’ve earned my stripes. 🙂

Sleep? Up and down. Looking forward to finishing work this week and being able to lie in a little!

Best moment this week? Feeling very loved and spoilt at my baby shower!

Miss anything? Being able to dry my feet!!

Food cravings? nothing different. Pineappleade, golden Grahams, anything sweet.

Anything making you queasy or sick? No, although I occasionally feel queasy when I wake up in the night.

Gender? Have set up a Twitter poll for this week! Can’t see the results on my phone but will check later.

Labour signs? None yet! (Phew!)

Symptoms? tiredness and sore hips mainly. Along with the kicks and movements!


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