LEADERSHIP – Accelerating Innovation Through Diversity and Inclusion



A White Paper by Richard E. Thomas
Founding Partner of Legacy Leadership, LLC

Harnessing the power of divergent perspectives and developing inclusive solutions clearly enhances commitment, aggregates ownership, stimulates initiative, fosters improvisation and accelerates innovation at the individual level, and consequently the systemic level, in corporate organizations.

Though these may seem like dramatically different concepts (driving innovation and diversity/ inclusion) they actually have the same basis in practice when viewed through the lens of leadership.  Instilling and encouraging people to embrace and evince innovative behaviors and practices has its foundation in people’s willingness to take risks … with their perceptions, ideas, methods … and to be willing to own and accept failure as a value-adding part of the process.  People’s readiness to do so is very strongly conditioned by the climate that leadership creates dealing with failure and how leadership upholds the value of…

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