CANCER – Astri


Astri 1

I was introduced to Astri Setyo Wahyuni by Inez Nimpuno, a friend who is a breast cancer survivor.

Astri was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 1 in 2012. After much persuasion she was finally convinced to leave alternative medication and seek medical treatment in July 2014. She was immediately put through chemotherapy and survived it. She was back on her feet and even took a road trip for Ied Celebration. Upon return she had another check up on July 25, 2015 and MRI result showed that cancer cells have spread to multiple body parts.

After taken Astri’s weak physique into consideration, doctors offered radiology for immediate treatment. During our first encounter, Astri could hardly talk as her head pounding and her whole body aching due to the radiotherapy she went through that morning. She unnecessarily apologized to me for not being able to speak with me.

Astri 2

The next day…

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