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How I feel about social media How I feel about social media right now

Perhaps the hardest part when starting a new venture (or fitness/nutrition program) is that period of time when we’re working really hard but still not seeing the results we want.

I think this discouraging kind of fatigue occurs when we’re doing something we know we should do, but we really don’t want to do.  Case in point, eating spinach and boiled chicken for dinner.

Or hustling on social media.

Naturally, an online business must have a presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Yes, I want my business to succeed. Hence my neck has a crick in it from stooping over my phone to tweet, pin, and heart those grams. My phone may be feeding on my soul now, but  who cares. All the marketing experts agree this must be done. Too bad if it feels pointless.

Obviously this crappy discouraged feeling is…

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