HEART FAILURE – John Kinnaird “The Journey Continues”

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

When Gareth Presch asked me to do a follow up blog on my achievements this year mainly my John O’groats to lands end cycle my initial reaction was “on what” but I suddenly realised he was actually at the center of my so called achievements he wanted me to blog about.

I surround myself with Lorna & our family but outside my wonderful supportive family, the reason I was able to cycle John O’Groats to Lands end was down to possibly the following 5 people in no order.

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I came across Gareth Presch on social media & he entered late into the planning but what he brought was a positivity even before I told him I would attempt my End2End which he said from start was achievable. He is involved with a circle of positive NHS workers that share his vision of a patient led NHS. I believe his impact on my life has just begun with his vison and the establishment of the World Health Innovation Summit that takes place in March. He made me believe I could do this. The future of a better NHS understanding patient power lies with people like Gareth.

My boss Harvey has simply took this section manager with 20 years experience but struggling 2 years ago with probably motivation (skill v Will) & given him belief he can still delivery his role with a heart condition. He jokes with me on my device (Nexus6), he advises me on work/life balance & future options but I am in no doubt if I didn’t deliver my role I wouldn’t stay in my job. His role in my heart failure journey including End2End is immense because he gave me belief I could balance work with training, Then during End2End he was my biggest, most consistent message contributor, be in no doubt he would still red performer me & that is why he is so important.

My best friend of 26 years Phil has been the longest partner on my life journey and has never failed to motivate or inspire me, we laugh at the old times, if he says we can do something I will do it. He surprised me on my journey with his wife – a true friend gesture. Next year it is 5k swim together. With Phil by my side I believe I can achieve anything.

Nick the founder & CEO of Charity Pumping Marvellous who 1st put the idea into my head of the John O’Groats to Lands End cycle and making me believe I could do it. He has like myself & Lorna realised the importance of positivity in ones life when living with heart failure. Without his drive & positivity at the start, my cycle wouldn’t have happened. If someone sets me a goal I will achieve it.

Daniel my fellow patient who volunteered to give up 16 days and drive the length of Britain with his car as support vehicle along with Lorna, Kyle and my daughter Grace, he tries so hard to be positive despite the difficulties, such a wonderful person to volunteer & our chats during those 16 days made me realise how lucky I was with people supporting me. From day 1 I asked him and he backed me 100%.

So the reason I not only attempted my cycle but completed it is because certain people around me this year were themselves driven, kind, positive & honest with me. Yes I achieved an End2End but my belief is I got lucky with those who entered my life before & after my heart failure journey making this possible,

These are the 5 I chose tonight but I could easily chose another 5 tomorrow, so as I look back on my so called achievements I would rather look back and consider was it luck or good judgement the people I surround myself with are the real reason I achieved it?

So next year it is a 5k swim in Loch Lomand and the positive core around me will remain the same but the exciting thing is who will enter to help me attempt and achieve this like Gareth did 2 months before my decision to do it. Your motivators are out there if you seek them.

Who are your 5? Think about it

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

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