DIABETES – The Diabetic Health Triangle


When you were in school, how many of you remember sitting in your science class, and learning about formula triangles?

Not the Pythagoras theorem for maths, but the triangles that are equations, just like this:


Typically they are used to calculate scientific formulas such as Ohm’s law, as above. However, today you will be learning the most applicable formula for you. Forget everything you learnt in school, and stick to this one if you want diabetic fitness success.

The diabetic health formula.

Yes, that is correct, I have created a formula for optimal diabetic health.


excuse the blue background, unfortunately I am not a technical genius and couldn’t format it correctly, so I had to take a picture from my phone of what I created.


(anyway back to the story)

However, it is important to note that unlike Ohm’s law or any other scientific formula in a triangle, you…

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