HEALTH – NHS “Did You Wake Up Too” Prof Minesh Khashu

Did you wake up too?

I woke up. A loud banging noise on the neighbour’s door…

I peeked through the curtains, as you do.

They had come to take ‘NHS’ away. Tattered clothes, malnourished, frozen eyes. Yes, utter neglect.

He shouted that it wasn’t their fault. The money had dried up because of the death wave from the

devouring bankers. Perhaps he was right but too many missed chances …

They picked NHS up, ready to leave.

“Who was that at the bottom of the stairs?” Soiled by time, emaciated beyond recognition. It looked

like the step daughter SOCIALCARE. I hadn’t seen her for ages. What a mess! They ought to take her

too. They have to. She could not even stand up. She crawled to the front door…

“What was that noise?” It became louder and louder…“a helicopter!” Huge gusts followed by a

cacophonus landing. Flashy letters of PC on the copter. People carrier, I thought. Fine print on the

tail said private capital. The blades came to a halt and out walked Twoface and Greedy. Immaculate

clothes, artifical smile…the whole package. “We have been fostering such like for years. We will have

them. Don’t worry. It will all be fine.”

I have seen many a foster and adoptive parents in my time. They looked different… But who was I to

say..” Should I go back to bed? I don’t think I can sleep..”



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