DIABETES – World Diabetes Day 2015!

Daily Life with Diabetes

“Insulin is not a cure for diabetes; it is a treatment. It enables the diabetic to burn sufficient carbohydrates, so that proteins and fats may be added to the diet in sufficient quantities to provide energy for the economic burdens of life” – Sir Frederick Banting

In the UK alone there are 3.2 million Diabetics. Out of these, only approx. 480,000 are Type 1. However, this number is dramatically increasing each year.

I would like to start off by thanking Sir Frederick Grant Banting for his fantastic discovery back in 1921 – it was a discovery that keeps I and 479,999 brits alive… Insulin.

Sir Frederick Grant Banting

In Toronto, Cananda, in 1920, Dr. Banting had an idea that the pancreatic digestive juices could be harmful to the secretion of the pancreas produced by islet cells. Therefore, he wanted to ligate the pancreatic ducts to stop this flow of nourishment…

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