Carlisle – “Walk to Parliament”

Walk to Parliament  (1)

“Carlisle – Live, Work and Invest” – that’s the message for Matt Bond’s epic walk from Carlisle to the Houses of Parliament. That’s correct, he’s walking 300 miles and he’s somehow managed to rope plenty of passionate Cumbrian’s into the mission.

The plan is to walk from Carlisle to the Houses of Parliament in the middle of next year. The city is bursting with passion and drive as we saw with the recent Give A Day to City initiative.


“Give A Day to City – Andy Fearon”

We met this morning and the team is bursting with energy and ideas. The walk will take place over a number of days and the route will be annouced shortly.

The project is supported by the Carlisle Ambassadors and the City Council and has a vibrant and diverse team in place to support Matt’s journey.

We’ll have further details soon regarding how you can get involved and you can follow the hashtag #walktoparliament.

Gareth Presch, November 2015

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