“One million people pledge to improve their health in 2016!”

“That’s the number we are hoping for” says Ingrid Brindle, Chair of Thornley House Patient Participation Group in Hyde, Tameside.

The group says that the idea is to get individuals to pledge to change something to improve their health . It’s like a big, communal New Year’s Resolution. They are hoping that people will make small changes that can lead to big progress in health outcomes both mental & physical.

“As patients we are responsible for our own health and need to think carefully about the hundreds of health choices we make every day” continued Ingrid.

Dr Amir Hannan, a GP at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres in Hyde and a board member of Tameside & Glossop CCG said “Tameside & Glossop score very poorly on many measures of good health. Looking at deaths from the major killer diseases , we are doing very badly despite our best efforts. Making good lifestyle choices can help to prevent patients developing many common diseases and any initiative which helps to promote good self care deserves to be supported.”

The patient group has a website with lots of great information from how to write a good pledge through to links to organisations which can give support.

The initiative is for everybody and pledges can be made on the website………Groups such as workplaces, Brownies, schools, churches, mosques, health centres etc. are encouraged to pledge together & give each other support.

Some pledges so far

Use the stairs instead of the lift Do four sets of stretching exercises per week

Join a choir Declutter

Swim with the family Stop buying snacks

Alcohol free weekdays Stop smoking

Sit in the peace garden twice a week Start the 5 / 2 diet

Walk one mile four times a week Join a yoga class

Jacqui, Ingrid & Dominic say “We have spent masses of time on this campaign and would love you to support us by making a pledge. We are keen to help you to improve your health but the decision to make a change has to come from YOU!”

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