MUSIC – “CHRISTMAS NUMBER 1” NHS Paramedic Graham Buddy Rock

Thank you I am 56 I have been a paramedic now for 24 years

I could not read and write until I was 21 I returned to adult learning school learnt to read.
They found that I was dyslexic.
I started in the service on patient transport then worked my way up to paramedic and now an officer in charge of 166 members of staff.
I have dealt with 7 7 and you name it I have dealt with it.
I feel tha my staff are the future and I belive In everone I know but I do.
I started singing at 50 years old after my children got older  to destess this job is hard at times.
I sergested a Xmas song to raise money for help the heros and HEMS
The link should be at the end of the vidio I have nothing to do with that I am not up on all that tech stuff.
We got over 8,000 hits with very little publicity and I thought that was that and now this year its taken off lets hope its the right time.
Any way thats it your get feb up thank you very much if you can hrlp please do  I realy belive in this song it could be Xmas No1 if the is right thank you Graham  me x

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