There is a new PMA in town everyone is aware of the term ‘Positive mental Attitude’ although there is a new ethos that can drive society to a more ‘here and now’ mental state/mentality and that is ‘Present Moment Awareness’ these three words my be small in stature but they are big on impact. Experiencing life in the here and now allows your mind to engage only with life as you are living it moment to moment. It steps you away from reversing back to previously stored experiences in memories of your mind which can sometimes hold you stuck in limbo about making decisions, letting go of previous situations or experiences of life which unfortunately can reply negativity within your mind and stops you accepting what is here in the present. It also blocks the mind from rushing forwards and engaging with worries and concerns of what lies ahead. ‘Do not go to the midst of what was previous as that lies with a time we are not living with right now’…Colette McQueen. Present moment awareness can help you develop a sense of self unbeknownst to a lot of society and helps to improve connection and collaboration. Developing your PMA can be a driving force to direct the ‘Fog ridden’ mind away from ‘past or future’ living. Here is an example of how PMA works …try this on for size I am sure you will engage with this small but accurate technique of how mind and body work in unison to connect you to the here and now. Take your awareness to your feet be aware of your feet in your shoes/socks etc…were you consciously thinking of your feet before I asked you to think about them? My educated guess is that you were not…because your mind is not completely consciously aware of the present situation until directed to be. At any given moment you could be thinking of the past or having concerns for your future which disassociates your mind from being presently aware and clearly in focus to the task in hand, which is having presence in the present. Now should we apply the PMA as a ‘here and now’ mentality to living every day life it makes you more aware of why, what, when and how you are:- as a person in your own life, with your family, at work and encouragingly within society as a whole. More importantly it engages that you have vision, clarity and responsibility for yourself in living now. Stopping the ‘reverse or forward-fast’ living is what PMA is all about. Society are either stuck with what they thought they previously knew or worrying about a life that has not yet been lived but harnessing the skills and momentum to be in this present moment can allow you to engage with a life that is focused, directive and positively brimming with potential. A life lived for the here and now is a life worth living there is no need to get bogged down with what previously was as that has gone, equally there is no point in having concerns about a future that has not been lived as that is a waste of your present time. Time the commodity we have little of in this fast paced society…so why waste it not living for now and in the process you will be able to appreciate the opportunity of taking time back to live now.


To find out more about Present Moment Awareness please contact Bespoke Minds

One thought on “WELLBEING – “POSITIVE, MENTAL ATTITUDE” – Colette McQueen

  1. World Health Innovation Summit means to me adopting an attitude to change, processing our thoughts into actions to gain our society a far better engaged and inspired community to come together and collaborate for the future of health and wellness for all #togetherweinspire – Colette McQueen.


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