CUMBRIA – The 2015 Floods

Greetings from Carlisle


Eden Bridge and the river from Bitts Park (c.1910)


Eden Bridge and the river from Rickerby Park (5th December 2015)

A break from the usual postcard postings to express my own personal sadness at the sight (again) of my city underwater and the displacement of thousands of people form their homes, belongings destroyed and hearts broken. The memory of the 2005 floods are still raw and it is devastating to see these scenes again, so soon. I recall that last time around we were being told of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event…

The Eden, like it’s biblical namesake, is a thing of serenity, wending its way from the fells of Mallerstang to the Solway Firth, entirely Cumbrian. It has wrought disaster upon it’s homeland from rise to release, a usually benign and beautiful presence now engorged and raging with (un)natural force. We are hardy folk, used to the wet and the wind…

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