CUMBRIA – Want to Help Cumbria? Come and Visit!

Cumbrian Classicist

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since Thursday you’ll doubtless have already heard of and seen the utter destruction inflicted by Storm Desmond (honestly, who came up with that name?) on Cumbria as well as other areas. Personally we managed to survive pretty much unscathed, just a quagmire of a garden and some shell-shocked rabbits who enjoyed an impromptu inside sleepover but many places and people nearby were nowhere near as fortunate.

There’s still some news crews about and aid’s still coming in for those that need it but interest will inevitably die off as the emergency situation ends and people try to return to normal. However, it takes months to dry out a home, even longer to rebuild properties and infrastructure and the areas losses could well be vast, especially considering how close to Christmas this has hit.

Pencil Museum 2 The river was back below the flood defences the next…

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