I woke up yesterday morning and said to Krista that it’s amazing how generous people are and that I was just amazed by the kindness shown by Ravi Singh and his team (Khalsa Aid).


Indy and his team set up to feed 1,000

You see yesterday I didn’t know Ravi Singh and I still have to meet the man (Communicated via phone). But today we are friends for life. This all came about through the Carlisle Ambassadors and the work of many people such as Simon Harrison, Andy Fearon, Kate Wilson, Michelle Masters, Fred Story, Paul Rheinbach, Matt Bond, Carol Milnes and many more.

12046904_1646914865565956_2871775981236286815_nCarlisle Ambassadors

Cumbria, as you’ll have heard, has been hit badly by the floods. But rather than take it sitting down the community has come together and united. Not just the local community but the wider community. We are now in unprecedented times of community spirit and today sums it up.

GetAttachmentFlooding Carlisle

We had Ravi’s team leave at 5am this morning and drive from Coventry to Carlisle. But that’s just the beginning – we had Amir Khan in Cumbria today and I met people from all over the UK – Al-Imdaad Foundation Blackburn, Liverpool, Preston and London for example, out in our community helping their fellow man. A spirit like no other.



People enjoying the hot food

We set up at the University of Cumbria to feed 1,000 people. Carol Milnes (University of Cumbria) and Debbie Kavanagh (Carlisle City Council) have been doing a fantastic job and I have to thank both of them for all their support today.


Debbie Kavangh and Volunteers at Fusehill Street

Once Ravi’s team, led by Inderjit Singh, set up and started to cook we made the decision to bring the food to the community.


Indy and I hand out food to the volunteers

We loaded the van and hit the streets. First stop was Warwick Road – badly affected by the floods – and we went door to door. We stopped at the local tennis club and NHS Cumberland Infirmary to support the staff that have been doing so much for the local community.


Staff at the NHS Cumbrerland Infirmary welcome us with open arms

#spiritofCumbria = #COMMUNITY = #TogetherWeInspire


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