FEAR – “Live a life less ordinary” Colette McQueen

Live a life less ordinary

Is your life worthwhile? Do you feel you are engaging with every part of your life and really sinking your teeth into it and taking a rather large bite?

Or are you skirting around the peripherals of life not really grasping the concept of living for today and not enjoying that rather delicious mouthful?

Which ever way you look at it, to not be completely engaged in the life that you are living is only a mere existence.

Equating your life to some outer means or outer source for acceptance is also false conditioning as all of us have the ability to achieve a happy existence from within in our own unique way.

I know some of you reading this will be thinking you don’t know me, my life or commitments but bare with me on this.

The whole point of life is to be happy, engage and connect with other human beings, enjoy a good work/life balance, exercise regularly and if we are very lucky meet, marry and have a family with the one person we truly love.

So if you are just living a half life that is full of , ‘well I could have a go at getting that promotion but it may not work out’, or ‘should I ask that girl out on a date, but if I do she may say no’ or even, ‘if I just say I want to go to night classes I’m sure he will be ok with it or will he?!’ There maybe no chance of us achieving anything!

As you can see there are three different scenarios here, there is a person who is stuck in a rut at work not really committing to the possibility of having a choice to gain a promotion.

A guy who has not got the confidence to actually ask that girl out on a date.

And also a wife, girlfriend or partner that would like to attend night classes if they could pluck up the courage to tell their significant other.

All these scenarios have one absolutely screaming quality in common ‘fear of rejection’.

Does this mean that we stand on the sidelines of life because we dare not even step on the pitch for fear of failure or rejection.

This is the quickest way to disassociate yourself from life and completely disengage from your own true calling and potential as a unique individual.

Because that is what we are, we are all unique, perfectly imperfect in our own true light. Regardless of the flaws we feel within ourselves and the self limiting beliefs we live by, we can and will succeed at anything we apply ourselves to fully.

It just takes that little bit of courage to go from living a life to exist to actually living a life for all its experiences and opportunities.

And of course the million dollar question on your lips now is…’But how can I do this?’

By not letting that four letter word stop you from reaching for your goal, the opportunity, that intrinsic ability to just know when something is right for you…basically just stop the FEAR factor of your mind taking over!

It is almost as if the choices that are made available to us are experienced as being much bigger than ourselves altogether, we give way to much emphasis to choice being a problem or a chance to be a rejected rather than an opportunity to gain a life brimming with possibilities.

I will always remember my Nan saying her parents always told her ‘ don’t fly to high dear’ which to me is a polite way of clipping a persons wings and saying, don’t strive, don’t try too hard, don’t believe in yourself and your authentic abilities. This I find really sad, as it kind of stops you trying before you’ve taken in the notion there could be another way, a better way of life for you.

So it is without doubt I say there is only the person who regrets what they have not tried rather than the one who has, that would not be not be fully engaging with their life, so for the next week and until the new year beckons think about what you truly want for you for your life and stop just existing and making that choice to start living!

Colette McQueen.

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*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.


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