DIABETICS have no more Excuses for Eating a Bland Diet

Diabetics have no more Excuses for Eating a Bland Diet

Many people wrongly assume that a person with diabetes is going to suffer in terms of diet. Yes, it is true that diabetics must watch what they eat to keep their health in tact. However, this does not mean that a diabetic must constantly consume foods that are boring, bland and just downright disgusting. Diabetics now have a wide variety of food choices at their disposal.The following information, provided by DTS Buyers, will describe what those choices in detail.

Diabetes and Fast Foods

Face it, most people should avoid fast foods whether they have diabetes or not. Generally speaking, fast foods are bad for a person’s health. While this is true, the fact is that diabetics can safely consume some fast food products without doing harm to themselves. How is this possible? A diabetic must be able to sensibly order their food to make this work.

First, a diabetic should eat in moderation. The truth is that it will not necessarily harm a diabetic to eat a hamburger and fries if they do so in the correct portions. This is where it will become a challenge. Most restaurants typically serve large portions of food. A diabetic will have to be able to “adjust” their portions to a healthy size to enjoy their meal.

A diabetic should only stray away from their healthy diet once in a while. A person with diabetes should consider eating out at least once a month and no more. A diabetic should always order at least one healthy item from restaurant’s menu. Keep in mind that all people with diabetes are not the same. Some diabetics will be able to consume more fast foods than others. Some will not be able to eat it at all. Before any diabetic eats out at a restaurant they should consult their doctor about the matter.

Veges, Fruits and the Diabetic

Vegetables and fruits are a staple for diabetics. These super foods are a great source of nutrients for people who have to deal with diabetes. People with diabetes can consume these foods in their raw form or cooked. Fruit salads, low or no sugar added pies and fruit smoothies are a great way for people to consume fruits. Salads, low-sodium stews, soups and vegetable dishes are an excellent way for people to eat up their veggies. A diabetic should never limit themselves to eating a raw carrot stick or biting a celery stalk just because its nutritious. Instead, they should learn how to create fun and exciting meals and dishes from fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol Consumption for People with Diabetes

Alcohol can be consumed by a diabetic. Once again, it must be done in moderation. This means that a person with diabetes should not be trying to take a drink every night of their lives. Having a drink socially or at least once a week is acceptable. Drinking usually causes hypoglycemia in a person about a day after they consume alcohol. They will have to check their glucose levels to make sure that they are safe at least a day after drinking. A diabetic should always consult their doctor about consuming alcohol before taking a drink.

Diabetics should Avoid Junk Foods but not Run Away from Them

All diabetics should avoid junk food because they add on a lot of calories and fat. Junk food can also alter a diabetic’s glucose to an unsafe level within a short amount of time. Even though this is the case, a diabetic can eat a limited amount of junk food if they do so sensibly. Foods such as potato chips, snack cakes and pizza can be eaten but only on occasion and in limited amounts. A diabetic will have to learn how to control themselves when it comes to eating junk foods. If they are able to do this they can safely eat this type of food for many years without interfering with their condition.

Ultimately, all diabetics must control their eating habits if they plan on living a healthy and productive life. Just because they have to exercise self control does not mean that they cannot enjoy some “unhealthy” foods every now and then. As long as they consult their doctors and make sure that their insulin levels are in check; a diabetic can certainly eat just about anything that they desire.


*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.



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