HEALTH – “12 Defibs of Christmas”

So last night I attended the “12 Defibs of Christmas” celebratory event. A fantastic community campaign led by Tic Toc and supported by the Carlisle Ambassadors.


Santa is shown how to use the new life saving equipment

Tic Toc UK – are a Carlisle based Charity promoting first aid awareness and heart start training.

The idea was to orgainise 12 Defibrillators sponsored (Kindly by local businesses) and have them positioned around the City of Carlisle in time for Christmas.


Easy to use – Defibs save lives

Helen, Amanda and the Tic Toc team supported by the Carlisle Ambassadors delivered exactly what they said they would. 12 new defibrillators positioned around the City making Carlisle a safer and better place to live and visit.


Example of the Defibs installed around Carlisle City

It was an informative and enjoyable evening and a special mention has to go to Mr Grinch who somehow managed to steal my glasses and improve his looks in the process!


The Grinch steals my Glasses! Instantly looks better.

But on a serious note I have to commend Helen Render, Ian Jackson, Amanda Ryan, Hannah Milburn and the rest of Tic Toc team for their hard work and effort to ensure our community is safer. The equipment kindly sponsored by local businesses will save lives.


Helen Render outlines the journey 

It’s another example of “Together, We Inspire” – Gareth Presch


Mayor of Carlisle Steve Layden


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