WHIS 2015 Part 1 – “Together, We Inspire”

Reviewing 2015 is filled with so much so I’ll attempt to summarise in 2 Parts.

It started off with a move from ehealth Cumbria to District Nursing in West Cumbria. A position that gave me a real insight into the NHS and the problems we face as a health economy in Cumbria. The passion and commitment shown by the District Nursing team was extraordinary. It was while I was there that I attended the Carlisle Ambassador meeting in March (I don’t think I’ll ever forget Andy Fearons speech). It was that forum that led me to present to Dr Hannan and colleagues in Manchester which ultimately led to the exploratory tweet that has led us the establishment of the World Health Innovation Summit.


May and June me work on the Cumbrian programme and take on Ben Nevis. I really enjoyed those few days in Scotland with friends. It gave me time to catch up and recharge. It was soon after Scotland that I had to make the difficult decision to leave the NHS.


At the end of June via Twitter I got to know John Kinnaird – John will be friend for life. John’s been on a remarkable journey. He lives with Heart Failure and when we met he wanted to cycle from the top of the UK to the bottom! John has a electric pump for a heart and to take on such a challenge show you the character of the man. We discussed it – John set out the plan and he did it. John and so many others are what makes this journey with the summit worth it. Thank you John for all your hard work, support and effort in 2015 and I wish you, Lorna and Kyle the very best for 2016.


It was during this time that I became more involved with the Carlisle Ambassadors as we began to work on the Give A Day to the City project.


An amazing community project that brought us all together. I can honestly say that it’s something we are all very proud of and I’m already looking forward to working on the 2016 plans.

It was June when Cumbrian Triathlete Jordan Hull joined our team as our Ambassador and we’re so proud to have Jordan on board.

Featured Image -- 1602

August brought me into contact with Dr Kathy Hughes and the exciting social media movement #ILookLikeASurgeon – we shared a google hangout and it showed me how small the World had become by using Social Media.

I also had the pleasure of meeting John Joyce #cookerysos   again via Twitter. John is another can do person and is living and breathing it on the frontline. Angela O’Connor also wrote a brilliant blog on her business Train Ability and the amazing support she provides to businesses on disability training and awareness.

We had Keith Thomas write about his “Life After Illness” and Mohammad Zafran (Zaf) explain his amazing community work in Birmingham.

photo 1IMG_1450








At the end of August Anthony McCann gave a brilliant seminar on building relationships at the Imperial College in London.

In September I traveled to Greece to take part in an informative session hosted by Dr Gunter Pauli on the Blue Economy. It was here that I met Christiana Gardikioti and the Meraki People. While I was there I met Anna Blume and Claudia Gross and it’s a trip I will always remember.


September also brought me into contact with Rehan Allahwala which has led me to becoming friends with Dr Zsu. Both are doing extraordinary work for humanity that has an impact for us all. I’ll take this opportunity to thank them both as it’s been a great few months sharing knowledge and getting to know you.

Above are just some a summary of 2016 and we’ll cover more in Part 2 later today but I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for their continued support. “Together, We Inspire” – Gareth Presch



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