TECHNOLOGY – “Let’s make 2016 the year of Code” Harry McCann

Harry McCann has a vision and the knowledge to make things happen. It’s a pleasure seeing Harry bring code to the World. Harry is a member of our WHIS team and we very proud to see the progress he is making and we wish him the very best of luck in 2016 – Gareth Presch

“2016 could be the year of code for Ireland” Harry McCann

This is a quote I gave John Kennedy from the Silicon Republic earlier today. I spoke to John about my plans to lead a team of people to bringing coding into schools all around the world, starting one classroom, and one country at a time.

Crazy? Yes Quite possibly.


It is quite possibly a crazy idea, but I believe it something that we must do, and we must do now. In the year 2016 we can no longer ignore coding, its is simply a skill everyone must learn, and it will no doubt play a huge part in our futures.

In Europe alone there are currently 700,000 ICT jobs vacancies, and this number will only continue to grow everyday as we begin to let technology play a bigger part in our lives.

That is why starting this January 2016, myself and my team at #LetsTeachCode will begin to focus on bringing coding into every classroom around the World. We will start by  getting one school in each of the 196 countries around the World, and from there we will make 2016 the year of code and the start of a movement to teach the every student around the world to code.

We can no longer simply wait for policy makers and Government to make coding a part of an outdated curriculum, we must take charge, and lead the way in change.

How can you get involved?


LetsTeachCode needs help, support and funding from any individual or business who can. Getting Coding into one school in every country around the World will not be easy or cheap, so we will need all the help we can get.

Please get in touch with me personally at if you can help in anyway, or have any questions.

“Together we can teach the World to Code”

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