“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience”

Paulo Coelho.


So on my last blog I said I would share my “impossible” dreams for the next year. Here goes:


  • Develop wellness retreats around my philosophy of well-being, have these become well known globally following the inaugural Cumbrian event in Spring and then Greece in Autumn, with more to be announced. I am delighted to say I will be working with with Gareth Presch and Christiana Gardikioti to innovatively contribute to wellness tourism, for which both Cumbria and its people and The Meraki People in Greece are perfectly located.

  • Develop my work as a yoga teacher now I have just started working at Carlisle Yoga as an aerial yoga teacher. I will complete my RYT200 at Carlisle Yoga with Sonja Appel and use this knowledge and experience to develop both my personal practice and yoga teaching and share this with my current and new clients.

  • Continue to live each day being open to the flow of experience and grab every opportunity that resonates with me; no holding back because I don’t think I can do it, or that I shouldn’t do it, or it’s too good for someone like me.

  • I think I want to design a fitness class, I have loads of ideas, could it be better than my beloved PiYo? Who knows… I am going to undertake some further training around fitness instructing alongside my yoga teacher training and wait to see how this develops.

  • Personally, I hope to have completed the process by which I will become a dad; I have no idea how I will fit all my other dreams around this. Yet I know I will because in my heart I know I am doing the right thing, despite my inner critic telling me to doubt it daily. The form filling delays are possibly due to this inner critic, I’m still thinking about this…

  • I hope to be grateful always, even when I have a difficult day. My life is wonderful already and these are dreams I have just shared. I am sure I will achieve some or all of them, but I don’t need to in order to be happy, I’ll be just even happier if and when I do and I believe this happiness can be limitless and ever-expanding.


Today was my first day officially back at work since the holiday season and it was the best ever return to work day. I started the day with my much loved leisurely breakfast, during which I connected with a very inspirational writer on a piece about accepting mental illness and we are hopefully going to work together as he is interested in my work as a counsellor. I also connected with Will Foster (Happiness Coach) and we have a video call planned on Thursday as I want to know more about his work and see if he is interested in the wellness retreats. Already a really exciting day working on realising my dreams!


At 9am I met my sister to go shopping for some furniture for my dad’s new house, after many years of grief and illness he is going to make a new start and, after just coming off the phone to him, he has also had one of his best days for a long time. It was great to be part of his contentment after him being so conflicted for so long. Family is important and this busy work day could have meant I didn’t do this, how I would have missed out if I didn’t remember the importance of finding space for my family even when I thought I had none.


I then completed a PiYo class at a new time with some new participants, this is always a pleasure. I love to discuss peoples’ fears about embarking on their fitness journeys and trying something they never have before and then seeing how they complete the class, feeling very proud (if sweaty and exhausted, but strangely energised) and happy to have challenged themselves, perhaps more so than they realised.


I then popped over to see my ever inspiring friend Laura as she opened her new fitness studio and gave her a plant to celebrate. I hope it grows alongside her success at The Studio, feeding from her nurturing and dedicated spirit that we all know and love so well.


Then it was back home for lunch before seeing two clients for their personal counselling: a brand new client and one of my longer standing clients. Both involve me clearing my mind of my very busy world, allowing myself to be there for them as fully as I can, open to experiencing their world with them. This is necessary for me in offering them an hour of non-judgemental, real and empathic conditions to allow them to do the inner work. Work they aren’t currently able to do in the other 167 hours of the week between our sessions. It never ceases to amaze me what the effect that hour can have, a mere 0.6% of a client’s week. It amazes me even more how this work is fundamental to who I am and the experiences I have while doing it. I am always energised by sessions and will never take the privilege of working with others in this way for granted, I am truly grateful for this and appreciate how clients commit to the work, me and themselves.


Off to Carlisle Yoga for my second aerial yoga session. I was expecting a very small number of clients, not twelve and certainly not three of them being yoga/pilates teachers either in training or teaching. I felt under a lot of pressure to do a great job and I have to admit, I stayed on the side of caution with my instruction as I feared being judged and it was hard to remain as much myself as I would be if they hadn’t been there. I really focused on my intention for the practice, that I would be as much myself as I could and have faith that that would be enough. I know I am not experienced and won’t be as ‘good’ as some but I tired to remember that I have something unique to offer, me, and I have done the required training. It was always going to be fine and it was.  The feedback from the teacher who I respect, having attended his advances classes, that I was more than good enough, was lovely.


One more PiYo session with 30 clients and many new ones in attendance. It was huge fun as in my morning class.


A busy day full of practical, physical and emotional challenges and nothing I could ever have expected to be doing this time last year and I’ve worked many more hours than I would have at the bank. I know each and every part of this day has helped me grow and become more of the person I really am, especially the thing I was the most scared of today, I just had to trust in that moment that I am enough (now I remember the feedback “more than enough”) and go with it, take the risk.


Maybe those “impossible” dreams are just the experiences associated with the dream, maybe the dream is trusting myself: it’s the taking the risks and knowing the experiences that follow are right for me. What is your dream for yourself? Do you trust yourself to live it out every day and know that the experiences that follow are right for you, no matter what they could be as you anticipate them and then live through them? I know you are good enough, probably more than good enough, even those things you doubt the most about yourself, they could be your very own “impossible” dreams.


I look forward to writing my next blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed this one.

Martyn 🙂

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