MENTAL HEALTH – “Heart Vs Head” Colette McQueen

Heart versus Head

There is always a big debate over the logical versus the creative mind and completely separating the two are in themselves just illogical as we all have the power to use both to the best of our own abilities, very few people seem to grasp the simplest solution is an amalgam of both.

The inherent heart over head scenario springs to mind when we want to make major decisions in our lives.

Are you the type of person that thinks strategically and logically weighing up all the pros and cons of a decision you need to make by painstakingly fawning over every last intricate detail with absolute precision?

Or do you take the alternative option by following your heart, that inherent inner knowing to your own truth, reaching into that vast knowledge of self assurance through ultimately feeling what is right for you by your own inner moral compass?

There is generally an internal fight within ourselves that ensues at these certain defining moments in particular major junctures in our life and it is usually when there are large painstakingly difficult questions that need to be answered…

Do I leave my job to follow my passion?
Should I end my relationship?
Do I have the courage to move cities?
Am I parent material?

These and many more almost heart stopping questions can momentarily leave you feeling life is larger on the outside than what you can truly gain focus with on the inside.

But with all these questions you need to ask yourself one simple ultimate question if I was happy doing what I am doing, being whom I am with, living where I am and having no children…WHY would I be asking the question in the first place?! Doubt, longing, wanting, confusion, boredom or simply just knowing ones self. These are all very familiar thoughts and feelings that are rolling around within your mind and body at these junctures in your life.

It is your inner knowing of what is truly right for you that is the epitome of your own unique answer to deliver your purpose in life.
It is drawing that unique strength of knowledge from within our very heart and soul that all questions and ultimately all answers should form and become apparent.

Yes we need to use some logical thinking to progress that inner knowledge to an outer action through inherent steps to achieving the goal but we still need to have that self assured knowingness that what questions we ask and what decisions we make allow us to be happy, contented, fulfilled, comfortable, engaged, excited and enthused by the whole experience from thought form to result.

So the next question on your lips is HOW? How do I achieve this ability of balance and allowing my mind and body to work in unison with each other to achieve the best life for me?

PATIENCE is the key to gaining personal insight to what is truly right for you not making snap decisions that will ultimately make you feel you have jumped in both feet and are regretting being too hasty with your decisions.

I know not everyone is great with the word patience these days we live in a fast paced society wanting, needing and expecting everything yesterday and should you want to gain help with patience and inner knowing the final paragraph on this blog today will help.

Should you truly want to have my professional guidance I would be more than willing to help. Do you want to gain life balance, perspective, knowledge of oneself, determination, continuity or simply gain personal awareness as to what type of person you are including your strengths and improving you every step of the way then please get in touch and together we can work on you achieving the best from the life you live. I help people to become the very best version of themselves from the inside out and help you gain the inner confidence and knowledge to know you can be who you want to be every day of your life without hesitation. So it is with a positive heart I sign off until next time be brave, be true and above all be happy…

Colette McQueen
Bespoke Minds – Think Happy

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