HEALTH – “Let’s get back to you” Martyn Blacklock 2016



 “Let’s get back to you” Martyn Blacklock 2016

Today’s blog is all about how we at World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) are going to help you to work on being the best you can be! I have to say that I am rather proud that I have used my own quote for the title of my third blog 🙂

In early March, just before the inaugural World Health Innovation Summit to be held in Carlisle, I will launch our Cumbria Wellness event which will be characterised by acceptance, paying attention to the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves without judgement: a mindful approach to our minds and bodies. Let me explain further.
Mindfulness can be described as a way of being, a way to approach how you view yourself and then extending this to those around you. My training as a person centered counsellor introduced me to a way of being which is characterised by three conditions: being deeply understanding, accepting and genuine. These conditions are believed to provide an environment in which human beings can find fulfilment of their personal potential. I have certainly experienced my potential being realised, when applying these conditions to myself and then to my clients and those whom I interact with in all aspects of my life. Mindfulness operates using a similar approach and is based on ancient meditation teachings. Teachings that are in contrast with our Western culture of profit over people, a lack of respect for individualism with no understanding that where you are is just where you need to be (something I feel very passionate about as being the start point for improvement). Large population-based research studies have indicated that the idea of mindfulness is strongly correlated with well-being and perceived health.
At WHIS we are giving communities the opportunity to showcase innovative ideas to support our health care system and as such I’ve been tasked with designing and hosting the first of our Wellness events, I am bringing a mindful approach to every aspect of this event and those that will follow.


The activities at our event will range from Fitness and Strength, through to Mind and Body and Rejuvenation/Connection with Nature; all threaded together by our mindful approach. We will use local trainers and therapists who wish to showcase their work and contribute to this approach to your well-being. 

The event will be held at a traditional, historic Cumbrian Castle nestled just north of the Lake District, with views of the Solway Firth. Our venue is already bringing together the whole community and aims to engage, empower and support people of all ages who have a passion for arts and the environment. Together we aim to offer experiences for those who simply want to try something different, fun, inspiring, rewarding or therapeutic. (Insert a couple of pics of the house I’ll sent you)
I’ve talked about dreams in my previous blogs and this is not a dream, it’s a reality and I am excited to be bringing this event to you as part of the WHIS aims to support your health by recognising your individual characteristics and behaviours, paying attention to the physical environment around you and considering the social and economic environment.

More details coming very soon…
I would be delighted to discuss any aspect of our Wellness events so please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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