Guest post from Dr Zsuzsanna Fajcsak – Life balance in our communities

Many thanks to Dr Zsu for contributing to our blog and we hope you find her work in lifestyle/fitness/nutrition and wellbeing as useful as we do. Dr Zsu’s work is internationally acredited and she brings energy and ethusiasm to such an important area of wellbeing within the community. – Gareth Presch, Founder, World Health Innovation Summit @gareth.presch1


From Elite sport to Performance-coaching , searching for self healing and change oneself often the case for one to become change maker. I consider myself for one who stepped on this path 20 years ago. My learning along with my education served this purpose to establish an integrated alternative health system for one Living their Lives ALIVEÒ.

More and more people are searching –

To regain focus and life balance from:
Insomnia, loss, trauma
Relationship issues, poor communication
Emotional distress, overwhelmed
Anxiety, fears, depression
Addictions, excessive negative behaviour
Social isolation
Eating disorders, weight management
Health problems, low immunity

However, What are the foundations of Being in Balance?

AliveÒ focuses on four different aspects determining lifestyle:

  • The Mind – Think for Balance
  • Eating for Balance
  • Moving for Balance
  • Rest & Recover for Balance.

All aspects are interrelated, lead and directed by the mind, values and beliefs 


Think for Balance – Explore your Options

The Mind aspects of the program assist to:

  • Understand your present,
  • Transform your past painful memories, to motivating learning
  • Dissolve and rewrite limiting beliefs and inner conflicts
  • Clean out the cause of fears, anxiety, stress, guilt, resentment, anger, hurt, depression, addiction, unreliability, low self-value, negativity, bitterness and commitment issues.
  • Uncover the empowering learning from the past
  • Discover your true self, and live by your heart
  • Face your fears, make them disappear hence take control of your life
  • Last part is Goal setting for your entire life spam – this is possible once your fears and limitations are transformed

The power of the mind is enormous

Did you know that what you really want from deep down will create circumstances? So there are no accidents in life. If you really don’t want to do something circumstances will occur so you wont be doing that. However, this is true for what you truly want. Your focus creates reality, and learning to focus on what you truly want from your heart will make it come true. Either you deny or not, just look into your heart and look back in your life events.

Practical exercises can help how to change and:

  • Speak to yourself and others and get what you want,
  • Refocus to what you want
  • Highlighting superior health
  • Create meaningful goals, which creates the driving force to grow in your attitude.
  • As a by product food choices and active lifestyle created
  • Breath is used to control your emotions/stress in the present moment.
  • Stay and regain balance by being detached from mind made fears
  • Live a life motivated by unconditional love, unlock human potential and realize your hidden dreams,
  • Become potential part of building happy societies

Eat for Balance

The ALIVEÒ nutrition education is designed to give you fundamental understanding

and practical information how to use food for optimal mental and physical performance.

As a result you feel better, have high work capacity and strong immune system resistant to

illness. Hence have less medical leaves. You can learn the basics so of making

healthy food choices and planning your own menus. You can go home knowing

what to eat and why so as able to prepare simple meals and learn to order in fast food

restaurants and make healthy choices when eating on the run.

Once you are eating Alive feeling great from stabile energy level.

Readings for your healthy diet:


Move for Balance

Wake your muscles up, start slowly and progressively, learning easy muscle,

joint strengthening and flexibility exercises. Yoga exercises as “move and Breathe”

are part of the daily healthy lifestyle should you use them for restoration of health or

building strength

. DrZsu Gentle Yoga for beginners (youtube) can help you transition from sedentary lifestyle

into beginner status. Prerequisite Only you and your breath. (In any special injury cases

consult with physician)

see more videos .com/Zsuzsannafajcsak

You have shoulder issues – most likely these shoulder rehab exercises will help you

to get into balance – “ How to rehab your shoulder”

Don’t want to go to gym and still want to get in shape after

or along with yoga, here it is how,  “ Simple exercise for home”

Rest for Balance

Meditative mindful exercises can enable the body to recover faster than any other

from of exercise or methods. Breathing exercises are vital part of the program as emotions

can influence breathing and breathing can influence emotions.

Re-learning deep breathing is a priority, therefore our program includes special breathing

sessions. Practice with us and learn simple methods you can use in your every days life

to calm the racing mind, rejuvenate your body and slow down aging.

Breath observation meditation and building gratitude is a simple practice at

home with this voice link :

For best result practice daily, and for more result practice morning and evening.

The full meditation course

If you are interested to host group sessions here is the list of sessions

JOIN DRZSU and enjoy a community of positivity and mindful living  on FACCEBOOK

Fb/Fajcsak and ask her if you have any specific further question

Twitter Dzsu1

*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.
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