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“Together, We Inspire”

World Health Innovation Summit CIC – Community Led “Patients, Clinicians, Managers, Voluntary Sector, Education and Businesses” Supporting the sharing of knowledge to improve health and social care.

Health touches us all, every sector, and we support sharing knowledge between those sectors to improve health and social care around the world – Gareth Presch

Well, it’s almost 7 months now since I sent a tweet out on a Thursday evening speculatively to see if people would be interested in coming to Carlisle, Cumbria next year to share experiences and knowledge in a slightly new way!

The idea came from two events – firstly it was the Carlisle Ambassadors. A business community for the community. I attended a meeting at the Carlisle racecourse in March 2015 and witnessed an extraordinary passion in the room. It was passion for the community – Andy Fearon gave an amazing speech which I can still feel today. He spoke about the city and the potential and his vison of the Give A Day to the City project.


The second event was a community meeting in Manchester in April that was held by Dr Amir Hannan, Ollie Hart, Farhan Amin and Roz Davies and again it was a room full of passion. People sharing their experiences to improve health and social care. I had the pleasure of sharing some experience and ideas around how we can communticate with our communities.


I thought we have the business community and the health and social care community who are both committed to our communities but they’re just not talking at the moment. Hence the World Health Innovation Summit was born. I sent a tweet and the rest is history :).

In 7 months we’ve published over 200 blog posts from lived experiences and reached over 80 countries, with confirmed interest in at least 10 to host health innovation summits, and that number is rising. Next year we are planning to hold summits in London, Greece and Austria and further events will take place.

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I recently travelled to Greece and met with Christiana Gardikioti and the Meraki People. It was such a fantastic weekend and I met so many wonderful people – Anna Blume, Claudia Gross, Dr Gunter Pauli to name a few. We are delighted to say we will be supporting each other as we move forward.


Greece – The Meraki People

Next month we have a seminar with the University of Cumbria and our Chairman Dr Hannan and ambassador Jordan Hull will be attending. You can register here –

Health innovation seminar November 2015

Our Cumbrian programme and it’s certainly a lineup that we’re very proud of and want to express our gratitude to all the speakers. If you or your business would like to get involved and support us then please do as we currently have sponsorship opportunities available and are in the process of discussing partnerships.


Ambassador Jordan Hull & Gareth Presch

The support we have recieved has been incredible and we really appreciate it. It’s so nice to see people come together and work as a team. #togetherweinspire


*The opinions expressed are the bloggers own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Health Innovation Summit.


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Sponsorship brochure Cumbria:

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