We are a 100% volunteer children’s charity, we advocate for better services for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and other rheumatologic conditions.  We also offer support to the families and children with the provision of a 24hrs helpline and family information days.  We also run activities, days out, family get togethers. At present ireland has the second worst record for providing care for jia children in Europe.  With waiting lists to see a paediatric rheumatology specialist at over 2 years, when the WHO is recommending that a child be treated within six weeks. We have a committee of seven parents of children with juvenile arthritis, so we know what other parents are going through.  We also have a private forum where parents can speak freely and ask questions with like minded people.  We rely wholly on the fundraising efforts of our member families,  who are unstinting in their support.  We have people running marathons, climbing mountains swimming rivers and so much more because they believe in the work iCAN are doing.  We believe raising awareness is key as jia is something of a hidden condition.  We campaign online and have been featured on news items on national and local  television and radio.  We have come a long way in our two years of existence and plan on growing so as to give a voice to our jia warriors and their families.


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